Finance and Insurance

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We have an expert Finance and Insurance Manager, Steve Lampitt, that understands your passion and will provide you with the right advice and professional service to make the purchase and protection of your motorcycle easy and with peace of mind. Steve is a motorcyclist himself, and is focused on the same passion as you, and has worked in our industry for many, many years.

CONVENIENCE- our Finance and Insurance Manager will compare all of the options and find the best solution for you.

CHOICE- we have access to a professional reputable lenders to help you find the best deal out there.

NO WAITING - same day approvals and settlements are possible.

SERVICE - all done in house, so no call centre or voice prompts.

FOCUS ON YOU, THE CUSTOMER - we only finance motorcycles that we sell here, so no distractions from other types of loans or external loan applicants.

WORKING FOR YOU - we want to get you approved, so we work hard with the lenders to find a way to make that happen, whilst staying 100% compliant so you know you are working with professionals and protecting your information.

FREE TO APPLY - it costs you nothing to apply for finance, another reason to talk with us first. Any costs are transparent, which only apply when accepting the offer from our lenders.

SPECIAL FINANCE RATES - when a lender has a low or no rate finance deal on offer, we support this so you can access that product here with us.

Our lenders include

  • Australian Motorcycle Finance
  • Bank of Queensland (KTM Finance)
  • Pepper Money (Suzuki Finance)

We also have access to utilise second-string lenders, to help those with a different financial past seeking approval.





We are highly experienced with insurance products. It's one thing to invest in a motorcycle, but it's another to protect your investment.

We offer in-house

  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Fire and Theft Insurance
  • Third Party Property Insurance
  • Offroad Rider Insurance
  • Loan Protection Products, such as Trauma, Disablement, Life Cover, Unemployment Protection, and GAP Insurance
  • Tyre and Rim Insurance
  • Pre-Owned and Extended Warranty Products

We offer a 'point of difference' from a call centre or website, where we have at most times a better policy to offer you, and aim to get you the best premium to make you feel protected at the right price.

Contact Steve Lampitt direct on (07) 3089 4411 or CLICK HERE to complete a contact form and he will call you.